Hire Terms


1. The hirer agrees to and authorises Rosco Canoes to charge a minimum of $50 equipment cleaning fee per craft returned in an unclean state.
2. The hirer agrees to leave the following:
- Valid Credit Card Details and Valid Driver’s License Details for equipment bond and
- Credit card or cash Bond of $200.00 - refunded on completion of the hire period and return of cleaned equipment that has been inspected and confirmed that the goods are in the original pre hired state.

No Equipment is to be returned outside of normal trading hours
3. The hirer / users have an obligation to use the canoes or kayaks and associated equipment in a safe and responsible manner, having regard for their passengers, other vessel users and swimmers.
4. The hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the relevant regions tides, currents, marine hazards, weather patterns, safety issues and permit requirements for protected areas.
5. The hirer will not allow the kayak or kayaks to be used after Sunset. NO NIGHT PADDLING, as appropriate lighting is not supplied.
6. The hirer agrees to return the kayaks by the allocated return time or an additional late fee of $50 per hour (or part there of) may apply unless prior arrangements have been made with staff for a late return.
7. The hirer accepts full responsibility for returning all kayaks & equipment hired under this agreement in the original pre-hired state and agrees to authorise Rosco Canoes to charge to the above credit card (at market value) for all replacement costs of any damaged equipment/repair work to return items hired to the original pre-hired state.
Please Note
The hirer is advised to carry First Aid supplies, emergency equipment and safety equipment applicable to the conditions, paddling area and associated laws (VHF Radio, Flares, V Sheet, Paddle Float, Pump/Bailer and Tow Rope,) and to lodge a route description with the appropriate authorities prior to departure and to have an evacuation plan.
Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions will result in termination of the hire and forfeiture of all monies.

Please read the remainder of this document before signing and proceeding to use the facilities.
1. "Customer" refers to the person making use of the Rosco Canoes Pty Ltd facilities and equipment and whose signature appears below. If the person is under the age of 18 years or is suffering from any mental, physical or other legal disability, the term "customer" includes that person's parents and / or legal guardians.
2. Ross Cook refers to the proprietor of the business carried on and known as Rosco Canoes Pty Ltd, hereinafter referred to as "the company".
3. The word "facilities" includes but is not limited to:
a. All kayaks and canoes, boats and vehicles and trailers provided or hired out by the company.
b. All lifejackets, safety equipment, and other items used in connection with the use of any kayak/canoe, vessel or vehicle/trailer provided by the company.
4. The customer hereby agrees to provide the following release of all claims and waiver of liability to the company.

a. The customer waives any and/or other rights and any claims resulting there from that the customer may now and in the future have against, and the customer releases from all liability and agrees not to sue, the company and it's officers, employees, agents, representatives and independent contractors for any loss or personal injury, death, property damage or other loss sustained by the customer as a result of the participation in and use of facilities of the company due to any cause whatsoever and including negligence at common law on the part of the company and it's officers, employees, agents, representatives and independent contractors, and the customer agrees to indemnify the company against any claims brought by the customer or any other person on behalf of the customer in respect of such injury, loss or damage.

5. The customer agrees to indemnify the company against any claim made by any other person against the company in respect of any damage, loss or injury arising out of the customer’s use of company's facilities and/or equipment.
6. The customer accepts any risk associated with using company's facilities. The customer acknowledges the inherent risks of outdoor activities, camping in wilderness settings, accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities and the forces of nature.
7. The customer acknowledges that the company, its employees, servants and agents have made no representations to the customer in respect of the suitability or otherwise of any facilities of the company used by the customer.
8. In entering into this agreement the customer is not relying on any oral, written or visual representations or statements by the company or its employees, servants, agents or any other inducement or coercion and does so of his or her own free will.