Rosco TK1 - Deluxe

Rosco TK1 - Deluxe


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The Rosco TK1 design has truly stood the test of time and can best be compared to a pair of jeans in the fashion world, a stylish classic!

Used profically by scout clubs, schools and anyone between the ages of 6-90, the TK1 is our most popular flat water kayak by far.

At a lightweight 14kg, the TK1 is easy to pick up, carry and transport. Once on the water, it glides with ease and is a joy to paddle. The TK1 is stable and quick through the water. The low deck profile ensures the craft handling is not affected much by winds at all. Due to its simplicity and light weight,the TK1 is a great craft to grab spontaneously and steal a few moments on the water.

We make two models of TK1 kayaks; the TK1-Slung & the TK1- Deluxe. They are identical apart from the seat. The TK1-Slung has a seat that is more narrow (great for kids or smaller adults with narrower hips) and has no backrest. The TK1 -Deluxe has a wider seat and a backrest (more comfortable for adults).

- Suitable for beginners
- Max. paddler weight 80kg
- Designed for flat water paddling

Please call the showroom on 07 3391 1088 if you have any questions or visit us instore for an upclose look, touch or sit!