Rosco Regal TK1 Racing Kayak

Rosco Regal TK1 Racing Kayak


Fibreglass, Carbon, Kevlar, Innegra
Total: pending

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A racing TK1 suitable for competition or a responsive trainer for the fitness minded, that is capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of paddler sizes while being stable enough to enjoy calm water touring minus that constant worry about staying upright. Welcome to the Regal!

This competition specification kayak is ideal for those wanting a craft for personal fitness or to compete in club or Canoe Federation sanctioned events. Its light weight ensures minimal windage problems.

Those wanting a fast and relatively stable kayak for personal fitness, competition paddling or calm water touring will find that the Regal is a craft for a King!


Lightweight (only 14 kg’s)
Provides excellent hull speed
Low profile and cambered decks help minimise windage effects.
Large cockpit for easy access.
Spring loaded rudder system.
Foam buoyancy fitted front and rear
Comfortable adjustable floor mounted seat.
Grab loops at each end for ease of carrying.

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