Wilderness Systems Focus 155

Wilderness Systems Focus 155


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The Focus 155 (with rudder) is a very capable sea kayak that will suit paddlers of any ability looking for a stable, well-performing craft with plenty of space for overnight camping trips around the bay.

The Focus 155 has a sleek, sporty design and fitout that suits medium to large sized paddlers.

We particularly like the personal glovebox hatch just in front of the cockpit that is very handy to store and quickly access personal belongings like snacks, phones and cameras whilst on the water.

The Focus 155 has a full sea kayak worthy outfit with adjustable thighbraces, adjustable footrests and a comfortable seat with a lowcut padded backrest.

The designers have made the most of the boat length by keeping the bow and stern straight for extra speed. There is still plenty of flare to keep in control on those bigger waves!

Please contact the showroom with any questions you might have or visit us instore for an upclose look, touch and sit!

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