Rosco Raider XTL Sea Kayak

Rosco Raider XTL Sea Kayak


Fibreglass, Innegra, Carbon, Kevlar
Total: pending

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A highly recognised sea kayak and a proven performer
The Raider X offers outstanding performance. Lightweight and beautifully sleek, this is a must for anybody who wants a sea kayak with racing qualities.
Lightweight version with reduced hatches and lighter layup - suitable for fast river racing in long recreational class
Narrow Foredeck to optimize paddle stroke
Shallow V Hull provides good tracking whilst the rocker maintains maneuverability.
Medium volume gives room for both paddlers and gear with plenty of storage and room for long legs or big feet.
Keyhole cockpit opening compliments the roomy interior, for easy access for the paddler (can paddle with knees up!).
Comfort and performance driven seat design for the ultimate paddle experience.
Contoured rear bulkhead for maximum gear storage, fitting of electric bilge pump and ease of flushing water from cockpit.
Customization options including bulkhead placement, wheel tubes.
Plus all the standard features of the Raider Range of kayaks.
Anti-slip hand grips for secure entry into cockpit in all conditions.

It is recommended for paddlers with intermediate paddling experience.

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