Rosco SRX

Rosco SRX


26kg - Fibreglass/ 24kg- Innegra
Options: Fibreglass, Innegra, Kevlar, Carbon
Total: pending

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The Rosco SRX is our largest sea kayak. It was designed with taller or heavier built paddlers in mind and provides a deeper cockpit with more space for a comfortable fit on even the longest trips.

The SRX is most happy when loaded up with plenty of gear but can easily be trimmed to keep an empty craft stable by adding a little bit of weight in the dayhatch if you are popping out for a quick paddle in the river or the bay.

The shallow V-shaped hull provides good stability in even the roughest conditions & reliable tracking whilst the rocker maintains maneuverability. High volume gives room for the paddler and gear with 294Lt of storage and room for long legs or big feet.

- Designed for heavier/taller paddlers. Medium built paddlers might be more comfortable in the less deep Southern Raider.

Please contact the showroom on 07 3391 1088 for more information or visit instore for an upclose look, touch or sit!

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