Paddling Destinations

Paddling Destination Reports to plan your next paddling adventure..

Brisbane River

The Brisbane River runs from Mt Stanley, east of Nanago, through to Wivenhoe Dam, before running through Brisbane city to Moreton Bay. The river is 344km long and can be split into 3 sections,above Wivenhoe (which is difficult to paddle due to its size and log jams); the Upper Brisbane River, which runs from Wivenhoe Dam Wall the the Mt Crosby Weir; and the Lower Brisbane River, which runs from the Mt Crosby Weir to the mouth at Moreton Bay.

Upper Noosa River

The upper Noosa river is part of Cooloola Recreation Area in the Great Sandy National Park. The flat, slow moving waters of the river are stained brown from the tea trees which are common throughout the region.