Rosco Canoes & Kayaks have been making quality hand built watercraft for over 40 years. Like all good manufacturers we understand the importance of supporting the products we make.

Troy and Brett, our qualified technicians, will undertake repairs on fibreglass canoes, kayaks, skis or pretty much anything made of fibreglass, kevlar or carbon fibre.

Repairs include:

- Big smash repairs
- Fleet repairs
- Leak detection & repairs
- Touch ups to gelcoat & polish / buff
- Safety checks
- Rudder fitting & repairs/cable replacement
- Kayak & canoe seat fitting
- Sail kit fitting
Fishfinder installation
Paddle repairs & smart shaft/2-piece fitting

Please call our showroom if you have a job that needs to be done that is not a regular one. The factory boys are happy to give advice.


1) call the showroom and explain what needs to be done.
2) bring your craft to the showroom (please note craft need to be clean!)
3) the showroom staff will take your details and note down what needs to be done
4) the factory will either send a quote or a timeline to the showroom about the cost and time it will take
5) the showroom staff will call you whne the craft is repaired
6) arrange a collection day from the showroom location

Please Note: Unfortunately we do not offer plastic welding repairs