The Rosco Story


Most of us can remember their first bicycle, first kiss or first car. The experiences they gave us are locked in our memories forever and are awoken at the most surprising moments by a certain sound, smell or sight. They give us a brief moment of pure happiness which, after all, is what life is all about!

At Rosco Canoes, not only are we a daily witness to these nostalgic moments in our showroom, we also keep them alive and create future reminiscences for the next generation to come.

We believe a great canoe or kayak should be like your best friend: reliable, adventurous, a good match and ever-lasting. That is what we aim for when we design & build our craft for you, anything less simply won’t do.

But the real story starts when you take your new canoe or kayak home and find a lazy river to drift down, a little creek to explore, a wild ocean to conquer or an expedition to complete. The moment you put that first scratch on your new shiny hull you have become of age and life will never be the same.

You’ll become a water rat, a river monkey, a hero, someone with a cool hobby, a story teller. And soon, when you are at work, doing the shopping or picking the kids up from school, a certain sound, smell or sight will transport you back to that place of adventure in a flash.
That’s when we know our job is done!